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Type of UPSline interactive
Rate power,W4001000
Maximum power,W    4301100
AC input voltage, without
battery work,V
Stabilizer output voltage,V202-238 without load
Inverter output voltage,V
(battery charge>70%
215-225 without load
I verter output frequency,hz50±2
Switching time AC-DC,ms
Switching time DC~AC, s
≤ 10 without load
≥ 5 without load秒
Form of output stabilize mode
Form of output battery mode
When input wave
Sine wave
Input current without load,
without battery, A
Inverter input voltage,V
≤0.5≤ 0.5
High(DC) voltage protection1932.5
Low(DC) voltage protection,10±0.3V21±0.3V
Charging voltage,V1530
Thermal Protector mos mos65*C; 100*C
Thermal Protector90*C
Power cordH05VV-F 3G×0.5mm 2,L>120cm
Battery connection wrongView charge battery"00%"
The cable to the batteryCu ,80±5cM,2×6MM²
Plug and socketEuro type ×1 or customizedEuro type ×2 or customized
USB portWithoutWithout
Overload protectionYes
Machine size(cm)19.5×23.5×1324×24.5×15
Packing Way1pc/cardboard box/colour
box, 2 boxes/carton
1pc/cardboard box/colour
box, 2 boxes/carton
Gross Weight/Carton12kgs20kgs
Loading Quantity(20'/40'HQ)1900/4600PCS1450/3500PCS