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Gathering Potential for the Future, Songshi Together

We are gathered here because of a technological revolution to,

protect the future of mankind.

Today we look at the world,Constantly explore the miracle of science and technology, and guard the original heart with sincerity.


Forge good quality with heart and take customer needs as the guide,

keep improving, cooperate hard, develop and innovate,

and vow to create a better welding experience for global users.

Songshi Technology is here for you!

Yongkang Songshi Electric Appliance Factory was officially launched in 2002, standing in Yongkang City, the capital of hardware.After 17 years of hard work, Songshi Electric Factory has grown into Yongkang Songshi Technology Co., Ltd.Focusing on the electric welding machine industry, we present carefully crafted technological masterpieces to customers.From the blue thread at the beginning of the business to the national high-tech enterprise,from a single technological breakthrough to the overall coordinated development

We adhere to the "leading technology, quality first, customer first" practice philosophy and gradually grow into a company covering MMA,TIG ,MIG a full-process integrated mechanical research and development company。



Production base



Annual production capacity

Continuous innovation, brave as ever

Famous and famous all over the world

Since establishment, we have won the trust of the market with absolute sincerity. Our company has won the title of Enterprise Backbone for many years、2020 Reassuring Consumer Unit and National High-tech Enterprise,and passed the CE quality system certification 。Going to the future of science and technology with absolute strength and qualifications

Songshi Technology has demonstrated impressive scientific and technological achievements and research and development scale. We integrate advanced technology and innovative thinking and continue to explore cutting-edge technology.

We can independently complete the intelligent operation of the whole assembly line such as material preparation、incoming material inspection、SMT、plug-in、semi-finished product test、aging test、installation、finished product test、appearance inspection、high-voltage test、packaging, etc.

At the same time,we introduce advanced IGBT inverter technology,MCU Intelligent control and other technologies. endow MMA manual welding with the advantages of small size、light weight and stable performance. Taking advantage of this, the products are exported to Europe,North America, Central America, South America, Southeast Asia and other places. This is Songshi's business card to the world.





R&D Center


R&D Investment



High-tech Talents




Those who help great things must be people-oriented.
We always believe that employees and the future of the company are closely linked and connected .

Take the helm and lead the way, the future can be expected

The meaning of life is always to expand not to stick to.

Everything grows,flowers bloom and wither.

In these eternal reincarnations,all the seeds are waiting for a future with a canopy.

Forge good quality with heart and take customer needs as the guide

keep improving, cooperate hard, develop and innovate

”and vow to create a better welding experience for global users“

Songshi Technology is here for you!